Vocab Victor: A Better Way to Learn Words!

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Vocab Victor is an innovative language learning app for mobile devices

You learn by playing a series of integrated word games. Victor offers a variety of games to teach different types of word knowledge, customized to your learning level. The app draws on a database of thousands of words, and millions of relationships between words, to generate fresh, new games every time you play. It’s currently available for free on Apple and Android devices. It’s better than flashcards, and much more fun than other language apps!

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For teachers, Vocab Victor keeps students learning outside of class

Vocab Victor is designed to supplement classroom instruction. Assign this fun app in lieu of vocabulary lists, flashcards, and worksheets to give students focused instruction that will hold their attention. Victor teaches intermediate-level vocabulary, increasing competence across all four language skills, and helps students build native-like word association networks.

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Created by a team of experts

Vocab Victor was developed by a team of linguists and software engineers, implementing cutting-edge data processing techniques and drawing on a wealth of research into vocabulary acquisition. Victor’s database contains over 15,000 words, and over 130 million word relationships. Victor’s servers automatically generate game content, allowing infinite variety–every game is different for every student, every time it’s played.

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