Improve your students' vocabulary.

Vocab Victor is designed to supplement classroom instruction. Assign this fun app in lieu of vocabulary lists, flashcards, and worksheets to give your students focused vocabulary instruction that will hold their attention.

Victor teaches intermediate vocabulary

Vocab Victor is uniquely focused on intermediate-level vocabulary. Learning words at the intermediate level improves competence across all four language learning skills. Do your students make rapid strides in the first year, only to see their progress slow to a crawl at the intermediate level?

  • Beginning-level vocabulary occurs frequently
  • Students remember words they see most often
  • Intermediate-level vocabulary isn’t encountered as much
  • Victor repeats intermediate-level words until the student learns them

Victor builds native-like word associations

Words are not stored randomly in the brain. Rather, they’re stored in a network of lexical associations (see video below). Linguist Paul Meara made numerous investigations into the mental lexicon. He found that given a word association task, native speakers tended to produce many associated words. In contrast, second language learners produced only a few.

Victor builds more and stronger associations for the words your students already know, and teaches new words by associating them with existing, known words, helping students acquire native-like word networks. Furthermore, Victor teaches different types of knowledge, including synonyms, “type-of” relationships, collocations, derivations, multiple meanings and form-focused knowledge.

Learn more!

Watch game creator Dr. Heidi Brumbaugh explain more about the pedagogical and linguistic framework of Vocab Victor.

Victor is always there for your students

Victor tracks your students’ progress and adapts to their learning level and performance:

  • Victor always knows which words the student is studying
  • Victor gives them practice on those words until they’re learned
  • Victor offers new words based on the student’s individual learning level
  • Students get positive feedback for games won and words learned
  • Students can track their own progress and study definitions for their words
  • Students can practice across multiple devices
  • All data is stored safely on Victor’s servers in the cloud

Victor makes it easy to share

The Progress Room offers rich opportunities for in-class follow-up:

  • Ask your students to show you their progress
  • Encourage students to compete for XP (experience points) earned through game play
  • Integrate your students’ word lists with other in-class vocabulary activities
  • Create assignments which use their Vocab Victor words, such as writing activities
  • Draw their attention to Vocab Victor words they encounter in other contexts, such as reading or listening

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