Get ready for ASVAB

Improve your vocabulary for ASVAB

Are you joining the United States military and getting ready to take the ASVAB test? You can improve your score on the word knowledge section by strengthening your English language vocabulary. Vocab Victor is a fun word game that will help you prepare!

The word knowledge section

Questions on the word knowledge section of ASVAB want you to choose the correct synonym for a word (a synonym is a word that means the same thing as another word, like big and large).

Vocab Victor teaches words by teaching you matches for the word, usually synonyms. Just what you need!

Watch this video for a demo of Vocab Victor that tells how it will help you prepare for ASVAB!

Getting ready for the test

The first thing to do to get ready is to go to the web site and take one of their practice tests! Taking a practice test will:

  • Help you understand what to expect when you take the test, and
  • Show you where you need to focus your studies.

Next, download our Vocab Victor Word Learning app and play for about five to ten minutes a day.

  • Vocab Victor teaches the word synonyms that will help you rock the test!
  • Playing games is more fun than workbooks (obviously!)
  • Victor adapts to your level, so as you play the words will slowly get harder!

Download now!