Vocab Victor's Wordlists Will Make Your Life Easier

Vocab Victor has always been Your Personal Word Tutor. Our word lists, your students can focus their studies on words at their exact learning zone.

Vocab Victor’s word lists were created by a team of linguists – vocabulary experts Dr. Charles Browne, Dr. Brent Culligan and Joseph Phillips – who spent years analyzing texts to select the most helpful words for learners. Dr. Browne’s team developed four lists – a total of over 6,500 words – the New General Service List (NGSL) for beginner and intermediate learners, the New Academic Word List (NAWL) to help students succeed at the college level, the TOEIC list to help students prepare for the Test of English for International Communication®, and the Business Service List for students working in or studying for fields in business.

The Vocab Victor team has broken these into smaller lists of about 30 words each.

Which words should my students learn?

Your students should learn the words they need to succeed in English. Words at the perfect level. Words that are just a little harder than the words they already know.

You probably don’t have time to identify custom vocabulary lists for each of your students.

Vocab Victor can do it.

Vocab Victor creator Dr. Heidi Brumbaugh has developed a unique vocabulary test to help students choose which list they should study. This remarkable online test – with only four or five questions – will tell students which words they should study based on their language level and interests.

Students can take this painless online assessment that will immediately direct them to the magic list that has 30 words that will build their vocabulary. This amazing tool will do something that would be beyond even the most dedicated teacher:

Customize vocabulary instruction for each of your students.

Take the assessment here: Word List Chooser

Our short lists give your students a concrete, achievable goal for improving their vocabulary.

For your students, a personal word tutor.

For you, a personal teaching assistant.

Vocab Victor Rocks Your Blended Classroom

An app can never replace a teacher. Your connection to your students helps keep them motivated and engaged. But by tracking individual progress, providing variety, and challenging them with fun games, Vocab Victor does an excellent job in replacing flashcards and vocabulary worksheets.

The best way to learn and remember words is through practice, repetition, and building strong associations for the words. Vocab Victor does all of these things.

Imagine meeting each of your students at their learning zone with custom word lists.

Imagine your students focused and engaged with a fun smartphone game to learn their words.

Imagine your daily load, lightened.

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