Words to use in an essay

A good essay presents a strong central idea (thesis) and supports this idea through discussion. The key to strong essay writing is to learn the essay vocabulary that will connect your ideas to make sure your reader follows your train of thought.

Here are some good words to use in an essay. Many of these words have similar meanings and functions. A good way to improve your essay vocabulary is by studying the words in a sentence. Click on the essay vocab words below to see examples courtesy of the YouGlish tool.

Essay vocabulary

  • To add two ideas: Additionally, Also, Besides, Further, Furthermore, Likewise, Moreover, In addition, Similarly,What’s more

  • To clarify, elaborate, or summarize a point: In other words, To put it another way, To put it more simply

  • To make your idea stronger: As a matter of fact, In fact, Indeed

  • To show an idea is important: Importantly, Notably, Significantly

  • To give an example: For example, For instance

  • To say why something is true: As, Because, Insofar as, Since

  • To draw a conclusion: Accordingly, As a result, Because of this, Consequently, For this reason, Hence, In conclusion, In consequence, Therefore, Thus

  • To make a contrast between two ideas: However, In contrast, On the other hand, Yet, Then again

  • To make an unexpected contrast: Although, Despite the fact that, Despite this, Even though, In spite of the fact that, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Notwithstanding, On the contrary, Regardless of the fact that

  • To express a condition (something that might be true): As long as, Assuming that, Given that, If, In the event of, Provided that, So long as