1000 Word Challenge - Week 3

This week we have a special surprise for you! Join Victor and Dr. Heidi as they open this box for a surprise activity!

Watch this week’s video on YouTube below:

Words for Week 3

Here are the 20 words for week 3. You may know some of these words already. However, it’s very important with vocabulary that you practice the words that you already know in addition to learning new words. This is all good practice and will help your language skills. All these definitions are from the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary, which is highly recommended for English language learners.

Word Definition
grow to become larger : to increase in size, amount, etc.
similar almost the same as someone or something else
strike to hit (someone or something) in a forceful way
popular liked or enjoyed by many people
tutor a teacher who works with one student
box a container that is made of a hard material (such as wood, metal, or cardboard) and that usually has four straight sides
skip to not do (something that is usual or expected)
hair the thin threadlike growth from the skin of a person or animal
creature an animal of any type
pretend to act as if something is true when it is not true
castle a large building usually with high, thick walls and towers that was built in the past to protect against attack
pet an animal (such as a dog, cat, bird, or fish) that people keep mainly for pleasure
cynical not thinking that something will be successful
build to make (something) by putting together parts or materials
game a physical or mental activity that has rules and that people do for pleasure
surprise an unexpected event, piece of information, etc.
proud very happy and pleased because of something you have done, someone you know or are related to, etc.
pick to choose or select (someone or something) from a group
conversation an informal talk between two people or a small group of people
chat to talk with someone in a casual way

Words in context

This week, Dr. Heidi talks to a special guest and opens a mysterious box for a surprise activity! Pay attention to how this weeks' words are used in context!

Use your words!

When you learn new words, it’s important to use them in order to help remember them. On the Vocab Victor YouTube Channel, you can join a conversation using these words. Type a question in the comments section using one of the vocabulary words, such as, “What is your favorite game?” Then, answer a question someone else has given. Come back to this page later to see if people have answered your question!


We’ve prepared a worksheet for you to practice these words. The worksheet contains, puzzles, games, and quizzes for you to keep the learning fun and interesting. Download the worksheet here.

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Finally, download our app Vocab Victor which is available for Apple and Android phones. This vocabulary learning software will help you build and strengthen your vocabulary. What does that mean? Build and strengthen. Build vocabulary means it will teach you new words. Strengthen means it will improve the knowledge of the words you already know. Play Vocab Victor for a few minutes every day to help improve your English! Read more about Vocab Victor at our page for students, Vocab Victor - Students.

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