1000 Word Challenge - Week 8

This week Dr. Heidi and “Victor” give a short presentation on the Vocab Victor game Word Find. Learn 20 new words, including some of the videos you see in the game! Listen to the presentation carefully, and read the captions below. New vocabulary words are in red; words from previous weeks are in green.

Watch this week’s video on YouTube below.

Week 8 Presentation

Here is the text of the demonstration Dr. Heidi gives in the first part of the video. Notice that she does two things at the same time:

  • Gives a demonstration of the game, Word Find
  • Uses all twenty Week 8 vocabulary words in meaningful English sentences.
  • Uses some of the words from the previous weeks' videos for review.

Reading this text and listening closely to the video will help you learn this week’s words!

Demonstration Text

Today we’ll have another short demonstration and we’re going to be talking to our old friend Victor!

“Hi Victor!”

“Hi Dr. Heidi.”

“How are you doing?”

“I’m good. Do you have a surprise for us?”

“Nope, sorry no surprise today, no box to open. You know why, because we’re doing a short video now.”


“It’s okay we can still have fun. Would you like to do a demonstration of your game?”


“Okay there, you sit here and I’ll bring up the iPad. So, which game should we show them?”

“Word Find.”

“What’s Word Find?”

“It’s a puzzle game.”

“A puzzle? So there’s some sort of like problem that they have to solve in order to complete the game? Okay, well let me bring it up here on my iPad.”

“They can’t see it!”

“Okay, there we go. So this puzzle says Find 11 words related to visit. So to visit is to go somewhere to spend time with someone.”

“Yes. So, the words are related to visit and they’re all hidden in the puzzle and you have to find them that’s why it’s called…”

“Word Find.”

Right, Word Find.”

“So the words here visit … meeting … clinicgrave … call … tour … consult … family … sister … trip … home. So here’s one word meeting and–”

“You found it!”

“I found it! That’s great! So we keep going there … grave … why is visit and grave related?”

“Well that’s something you would say, to visit the grave of a person, somebody who died.”

“Oh, OK, so sometimes, these words are related because you would use them in a sentence together.”

“Right like visit your family or visit your sister.”

“Okay, let me try to find another one. Oh, here’s family. So the words go in different directions.”

“Yeah and it gets harder, the higher you go in the castle.”

“So when I go up higher on the higher levels of your castle the Word Find game is a little harder.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Well what do I do if I can’t find the word?”

“Just, use the hint button.”

“So, this little wand here? Oh, there we go … trip. So, a visit is something you do on a trip. So, let me go … consult … so you go and visit to consult somebody. Or, home … Oh, wow! That was diagonal; that was a challenging direction. Do you ever go backward?”

On the higher levels it goes backward sometimes."

“Okay, well we’ll keep doing that. Call and … tour … a tour is something you might do on a visit. Clinic. Clinic is a type of place that – oh, here’s visit! So a clinic is a type of place that you would visit. I’m gonna see if I can find that one; I’ll use another hint. Here we go, clinic. Okay I’m about to get them all but I wanted to ask you one question here. This word visit is kind of like the main word. What do you call that?”

“It’s the seed word.”

“A seed word? Why do you call it a seed word?”

“Well, because it’s kind of like a seed.”

“Okay, just a minute. Okay, let me finish this. Here. Well, so why do you call it a seed word?”

“Well, because a seed is something that grows and your knowledge for the word will grow by learning these other words.”

“Ah, that’s very clever. I like that! And here on the Word Review screen, what’s good here?”

“You can look at the words if you don’t know the meanings.”

“So, grave that’s kind of a hard word. A hole in the ground for burying a dead body. Used to talk about death. Also very serious; requiring or causing serious thought or concern. Oh, grave is something serious but that’s a different meaning you might visit the grave.”


“And what was the other one we saw … clinic … a place where people get medical help. Oh, that’s a good place to visit if you’re sick.”

“Yep. Dr. Heidi?”

“Yes, Victor?”

“I have a question.”

“What’s your question, Victor?”

“Well, speaking of seeds, what happened to Groot?”

“You mean the Chia Pet that we made from chia seeds?”

“Yeah, Groot.”

“Well, I’m sorry I have some bad news about Groot, and, I hate to say this to you, because I feel kind of bad about it, but Groot died.”

“Oh no!”

“Well, he was doing pretty well for a while. I’ll show you some pictures of him when he was kind of green and healthy, and he had, you know, the fur. If you remember, that was week three when we did that so, that was five weeks ago, and poor Groot. He kind of died because I don’t think the life of a Chia Pet is very long. Do you think we should put him in a grave?”

“No, I think we should plant again.”

“Plant again. I have more chia seeds we’ll plant again, and then we’ll will regrow our Chia Pet, Groot. So, that will be fun. Thank you very much for helping me do a demonstration of Vocab Victor.”

“No box, No surprise.”

Sorry we’re doing this short video now because I don’t think people like listening to these long videos.”

“What if they have more time and they want to study some more?”

“Well, they can always go back and they could go back and watch the previous videos again or re-watch a video that they’ve already seen because if you really want to learn something repetition is really important so if you watched one of the videos, you studied the words, go back and watch the video again.”

“Re-watch. Re-learn. Got it.”

“OK, thanks a lot Victor, it’s nice talking to you.”

“Nice talking to you, too, Dr. Heidi.”

“I will remind them. That’s the other thing; if you have some extra time, and you want to study, download Vocab Victor. It’s on the App Store for your Apple phone or your Apple tablet, or you can go on Google play and download it for your Android device. It’s got different word games like Word Strike that we saw in week 3 and Word Find that we saw right now. In future weeks, we will talk some more with Victor and give some more demonstrations of this game.

About Word Find

The Word Find game helps you improve your vocabulary by helping you think about how the word is spelled and also thinking about related words, such as words that mean the same thing, or words that are used together in sentences.

Words for Week 8

Here are the 20 words for week 8. You may know some of these words already. However, it’s very important with vocabulary that you practice the words that you already know in addition to learning new words. This is all good practice and will help your language skills. All these definitions are from the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary, which is highly recommended for English language learners.

Word Definition
demonstration an act of showing someone how something is used or done
puzzle a question or problem that requires thought, skill, or cleverness to be answered or solved
die to stop living
find to get or discover (something or someone that you are looking for)
right used in speech to ask if a statement is correct or to say that a statement is correct
family a group of people who are related to each other
visit to go somewhere to spend time with (someone, such as a friend or relative)
grave a hole in the ground for burying a dead body
clinic a place where people get medical help
bring In the video, the phrasal verb bring up is used: bring (something) up or bring up (something) ; a : to mention (something) when talking : to start to talk about (something) ; b computers : to cause (something, such as a file or picture) to appear on a computer screen
review the act of studying information that was studied before
sorry used to express polite regret
hint a small piece of information that helps you guess an answer or do something more easily
clever showing intelligent thinking
backward opposite to the usual way : in reverse
repetition the act of saying or doing something again : the act of repeating something
diagonal not going straight across or up and down
wand a long, thin stick used by a magician or during magic tricks
high extending or reaching upward more than other things of the same kind
study to read, memorize facts, attend school, etc., in order to learn about a subject

Use your words!

When you learn new words, it’s important to use them in order to help remember them. On the Vocab Victor YouTube Channel, you can join a conversation using these words. Type a question in the comments section using one of the vocabulary words, such as, “Do you visit your family often?” Then, answer a question someone else has given. Come back to the page later to see if people have answered your question!


We’ve prepared a worksheet for you to practice these words. The worksheet contains, puzzles, games, and quizzes for you to keep the learning fun and interesting.

Download the worksheet here.

Download Vocab Victor

Finally, download our app Vocab Victor which is available for Apple and Android phones. This vocabulary learning software will help you build and strengthen your vocabulary. What does that mean? Build and strengthen. Build vocabulary means it will teach you new words. Strengthen means it will improve the knowledge of the words you already know. Play Vocab Victor for a few minutes every day to help improve your English! Read more about Vocab Victor at our page for students, Vocab Victor - Students.

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