An Easier Way for Your Students to Join Your Class!

If you’ve been using Vocab Victor Classroom, you know students need to download and install the Vocab Victor app before you can assign word lists to them.

We have simplified this process with QR CODES which are now shown on the Class page!

Simply show this image in your classroom project or Zoom class and students can point and click to install the app AND join the class!

Also, when you email students an invitation to join the class, the QR code will be included in the email!

Keep in mind:

• Students can still use the Join Class option, which works the same as before.

• You must SAVE the class before the QR code/Join Class option is active.

• If students join the class before they are registered in the app, they will show on your Dashboard as “Unregistered Vocab Victor user.” Encourage them to register as soon as possible so they can compete on the class leaderboard!

We are always working to improve our software. If you have any questions or problems with Vocab Victor Classroom or the Vocab Victor mobile app, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ll be happy to help you!

by Heidi Brumbaugh, PhD

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