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The Vocab Victor Word Learning App is a personal word tutor that helps thousands of students improve their vocabulary by playing our fun and colorful word games.

Teachers can assign the app in lieu of flashcards and lists.

Now, for the first time ever, teachers can add their own vocabulary words, assign lists to students, and monitor progress as students learn words by playing games in the Vocab Victor app!!!

Introducing Vocab Victor Classroom

Finally, you can focus the power of Victor’s fun word learning games to teach your students words drawn from your class curriculum! The new Vocab Victor Classroom app runs in your web browser. Use it to:

  • Create schools and classes
  • Invite students to join your classes from inside the Vocab Victor app!
  • Create word lists based on what you think your students most need to learn!
  • Assign the lists to your students!
  • Word list words will appear in Vocab Victor’s word learning games automatically! Students will learn words from a combination of matching games, associations, word puzzles, and definition review!
  • Monitor your students' progress so you know which words they’ve mastered!
  • Encourage friendly competition with our new class leaderboard!

1. Create schools and classes

Create a Free Account!

Run Vocab Victor Classroom by clicking on the Classroom menu on the Vocab Victor web site, or click here!

To begin, create an account. You will also need to create at least one school. (If you are a tutor, your “school” will just be, for example, “Dr. Heidi’s Online Tutoring.")

Next, create a Class (classes must belong to a school) Your free trial allows one class to get your started!

2. Invite students to join in the app!

Send your students an invitation with your unique class code…

… They can easily join within the app!

3. Create word lists!

Try It Now!

Choose the words you want your students to learn…

… assign the lists to your students…

… Students learn your words by playing games in the app!

4. Watch them learn!

Finally, monitor your students' progress as they work their way through the lists!

Vocab Victor Classroom Tutorials

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