1000 Word Challenge - Week 21

This week, join Moxie as she gets a bath!!!

Watch this week’s video on YouTube below.

This week’s text!

Read the text of this week’s video to check your understanding and practice your new words!

As you know, we really love our dog Moxie. But sooner or later, everybody needs a bath! That’s right, Moxie is stinky, which means she smells bad, so today John and our intern Kinny are taking her to the Doggy Wash, which is across the street from our office.

First, a little exercise! It’s good for people to walk and run to get exercise, and it’s important for dogs too. In fact, being able to take Moxie to the park is one of the reasons we decided to get a dog. Having a dog is a good motivation to get out of the house every day.

Here John and Moxie are going on a run around the block near our office building.

Next, it’s time to go to the Dog House, which is a business across the street from where we work. This business helps dogs in many ways. They help rescue dogs and find them good homes, kind of like the Humane Society does. They also have a doggy day care, which means dogs can stay here during the day when the humans are working. It gives the dogs a chance to play with other dogs and not be home bored alone all day.

They also sell some supplies, and they have a great thing here - do it yourself dog wash! This is a really great idea because washing a dog in your house can make a real mess in your bathtub. Also, it’s hard to get the dog to stand still, and your tub might not have a hose you can use. Here, everything is set up and ready for you!

As you can imagine, when you come to a place like the Dog House, there are a lot of dogs. Here’s the dog that greeted John and Kinny and Moxie. Maybe he works here! Here are some more dogs. So cute! These two are pretty fluffy! Dogs are great. You can tell when they’re happy because they wag their tails.

And the puppies! So happy! So cute! You can tell they want to get out of the crate and play. I wonder if these puppies are waiting to be adopted. Oh look! There’s Moxie!!

Looks like John is putting a leash on her so she will stay still. She is excited and ready!! Now John is getting her all wet with the hose. This is a lot easier than trying to wash her at home! Now she’s getting scrubbed and washed! Looks like she is a little thirsty! She loves the water!

All clean! That was a lot of fun!

Here are this week’s words.

Words for Week 21

Here are the 20 words for week 21. You may know some of these words already. However, it’s very important with vocabulary that you practice the words that you already know in addition to learning new words. This is all good practice and will help your language skills. All these definitions are from the Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary, which is highly recommended for English language learners.

Word Definition
block an area of land surrounded by four streets in a city
hose a long, usually rubber tube that liquids or gases can flow through
run to move with your legs at a speed that is faster than walking
rescue to save (someone or something) from danger or harm
business an organization (such as a store, company, or factory) that makes, buys, or sells goods or provides services in exchange for money
supply things (such as food, equipment, fuel, etc.) that are needed for a particular purpose and that will be used by a particular person or group
mess a very dirty or untidy state or condition
rinse to wash (something) with clean water and without soap
work to do things as part of your job
greet to meet (someone who has just arrived) with usually friendly and polite words and actions; welcome
bath the act of washing the body usually by sitting or lying in a container filled with water
wash to clean (something) with water and usually soap
bad not pleasant, pleasing, or enjoyable
street a road in a city or town that has houses or other buildings on one or both sides
take to carry, move, or lead (someone) to a place
alone without people that you know or that usually are with you
bore to make (someone) tired and annoyed by being uninteresting or too much the same
smell an unpleasant odor
care things that are done to keep someone healthy, safe, etc.

Use your words!

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